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CourseSmart Analytics is available to instructors whose institutions participate in an integration between the institution's LMS and CourseSmart's eTextbooks.                        

CourseSmart’s innovative analytics dashboard presents an easy-to-use measurement of your students’ engagement with digital course materials.  A centerpiece of this dashboard is the CourseSmart Engagement Index Technology™, a proprietary algorithm that evaluates standard usage data such as page views, time spent in a textbook, and notes and highlights taken by a student, and assimilates them into an overall assessment of students' engagement with the material. Used in conjunction with other key indicators such as class participation, homework completion, and exam and other assessment results, CourseSmart Analytics can help you improve student retention and outcomes, and ultimately, their success in your course. CourseSmart Analytics will help provide insight into core questions you and your colleagues face every day:  Are students reading the book? Do they understand what they’re reading? Are they engaged in the material and the course? Or are they just falling behind?                        
For more information, view our CourseSmart Analytics page.                      
To schedule an appointment to discuss integration and analytics options, visit our Schedule Consultation page.                     

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