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Accessibility FAQs - Hints for using CourseSmart with Screen Reader Technologies


Home Page

CourseSmart employs skip links to aid users of assistive technology. These links go directly to the product search box, the main content, home page footers and back to skip links.

Bookshelf Page

The bookshelf page contains headings to assist in navigation. The Heading Level 2 “My Rentals” header places focus above the list of current subscriptions. To select a book, continue down the list of subscriptions until you find the link for the book title. Press this link and then traverse to the Heading Level 2 “My Rentals” header to access details of the subscription or access the notes for this book. Traverse directly to the Heading Level 3 with the title name to quickly access the “Read Now” link. Pressing “Read Now” opens the book reader.

Reader Page

The reader page consists of three areas: Banner, Navigation and Main. The Banner area identifies the book, the Navigation area contains links for jumping to a specific page, adding notes, zooming text, emailing text references, printing, help and previous and next links. (Note: Text highlighting is currently not an accessible feature.) The Main area contains the text of the book, the table of contents and the outline view.

The reader can be viewed in full-page view, or the left-side of the page can be used to display the table of contents or the outline pane. When you enter the reader, the Table of Contents will be closed. You can jump directly to the desired page by using the Web Rotor and selecting the Go To form control. Alternatively, you can cursor forward to the Go To dialog box. Insert a page number, cursor forward to the button link and select the button.

Each book page has a Heading 1 called “Book Text”. The text of the book immediately follows the Book Text heading. If your book has advanced tagging, book headings will also be displayed. Book headings will be at levels 2 through 6 following the Book Text.
CourseSmart’s optimized books are tagged to support reading order, images, lists, headings and paragraphs. Higher education books are rich in visual layout. CourseSmart tags the reading order to obtain the best possible serialization of the information on each page. CourseSmart’s books are tagged using both mechanized and human processes and do go through a quality assurance process. Nevertheless, from time to time there may be tagging errors. CourseSmart welcomes any corrective tagging feedback.

If you select the Table of Contents Link, the Table of Contents will open. The Table of Contents will consist of a list of chapters and sections that follow a Heading Level 2 preceding the “Book Text” Heading Level 1. Each entry in the table of contents list is displayed as Page Number followed by Section Name followed by Link. Selecting this link will open the book at this page number. The Table of Contents will remain open on the page even after you use a table of contents link to go to a new page. The Table of Contents remains present on the page until you close it using the close link immediately following the Table of Contents Level Two heading.

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