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Recommending CourseSmart Materials


CourseSmart encourages you to tell your students and colleagues about eTextbooks that you have assigned or that you recommend.

Help Your Students Go Digital

You will find the yellow section below titles on your Bookshelf (see image below), within Search Results pages, and on the Product Detail pages. 


In this section you have a few different options for recommending the materials:

  1. Copy and Paste Link

    You can use the link provided by copying and pasting it into emails or lesson plans.

  2. See More Options

    You can click the "See More Options" link at the bottom and it will take you to a page where you can choose to "Send a Message" or "Use a Link".

    • Send a Message lets you compose an email to the student(s) whose email address(es) you type in.
      • Your name and email address will be pre-entered if you are signed in; otherwise you will have to enter them manually.
      • Other fields are optional.
      • You can include the default message shown in the box at the right of the form, or compose one of your own in the “Include a personal note” field (click Create the Message and your message will appear in the Message field).
      • When you are ready, click Send.

    • Use a Link generates either a graphical or a textual link that will take a student directly to the Product Details page for this eTextbook.
      • You can cut and paste this link into an email, syllabus, or course management system.
      • If you fill in the Personalize form at left, students who use this link will find a customized pop-up message when they arrive at the Product Details page confirming that this is the eTextbook recommended by you (along with a school name, course name, and term, if you have provided this information).
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