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Troubleshooting your Offline eTextbook


Download pop up window appears but the progress bar appears frozen

If you are trying to Check Out an eTextbook for offline use, but the download process will not start then you may have inadvertently blocked CourseSmart from storing your offline data in your browser.

Your download process will not start when the “Check Out for Offline Access” window appears, but the green bar never gets larger and the download process doesn’t appear to start.

The very first time you Check Out a book for offline use, Firefox may request permission for storing offline data for CourseSmart. This is displayed in the image below:

To verify that you have mistakenly blocked the CourseSmart site:

  1. Please access your Firefox Browser preferences by navigating to Firefox → Preferences. The preferences window will appear.
  2. Select the “Advanced” menu icon.
  3. Select the “Network” option.
  4. Click on the “Exceptions” button.
  5. The Offline Data page will appear as shown in the picture below. If the URL appears in this page, you have mistakenly blocked the CourseSmart site for storing offline data.

To correct the problem:

  1. From the Offline Data page (image directly above), highlight "
  2. Click the Remove Site button.


Clearing Cache and Cookies not recommended with offline

In general, we do not recommend clearing your cache in your FireFox browser when trying to troubleshoot any issues you may be having with viewing your eTextbook offline. Clearing your cache may make your offline eTextbook useable. If you are having issues with viewing your eTextbook offline and feel that clearing cache would help, we recommend contacting our Customer Service team first so we can assist you with troubleshooting.

You receive a Firefox browser message that says you have reached your cache limit.

Firefox browser has an intermittent issue that causes a pop up message warning that you have reached your cache limit of 500MB. This message is not always accurate, and despite the message you may have plenty of cache left to allow you to download your offline book. While the sizes of our books vary greatly in size, you should be able to download roughly 4 to 5 CourseSmart eTextbooks to your Firefox browser without running into a problem with your cache.

If you see this error message, please try to check out your eTextbook again. If you still get this error message, then you may have reached the limit of your cache. Check in one of your eTextbooks, which may allow you to check out the eTextbook you want.

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