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Reading eTextbooks using CourseSmart's Android app


You can access CourseSmart eTextbooks using your Android app. On your device, touch the title you are interested in on your Bookshelf and it will open. You can use the following features as you read your eTextbook.


Use the swipe gesture to navigate to previous or next page.


To zoom into a page you can use the Pinch & Zoom within landscape or portrait mode. When you zoom the page, you will go into Zoom/Pan mode. Swiping your finger slowly across the page will pan the image. Pinching the image back to regular size will cancel the zoom and pan mode.

Returning to your eTextbook

Once used, your CourseSmart Android app will always open to the last page you were viewing in the last book you were viewing. If you switch books via the My eTextbooks, the next book you open will also open to the last page you were viewing in that book.

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