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Browser Requirements for eTextbooks

For Desktop and Laptop Computers

Reading online is supported within:

  • IE 7.0 or higher (Windows)
  • Firefox 3.5 or higher (Windows/Mac)
  • Safari 3.0 or higher (Mac)
  • Chrome (Windows/Mac)

Reading offline is supported within:

  • Firefox 19 through Firefox 26 (Windows/Mac)
  • Chrome 19.0 or higher (Windows/Mac and Google Chrome OS)
  • Safari 5.1 through Safari 6.1 (Mac)

For Other Mobile Devices

You can read online from any web-enabled mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones, when connected to the internet. Both the iPad and the Android native apps support offline reading.

To get the best reading experience for your device, see our recommended apps for mobile devices.