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VoiceOver on your Apple iOS device


Using the VoiceOver system on iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) requires the Accessible Reader. Contact to turn this feature on.

Once the Accessible Reader is enabled for your account, please follow the steps below to use VoiceOver to read and navigate through the text:

  1. Ensure VoiceOver is turned on by navigating on your iOS device to the following: Settings, General, Accessibility, and VoiceOver.
  2. Using the Safari browser on your device, log in to CourseSmart, select a textbook from your bookshelf, and select the “read now” button to go to the CourseSmart reader.
  3. Within the reader, touch anywhere on the screen to place focus in the reader.
  4. VoiceOver has a web rotor, which among other elements provides access to headings, links, words, and characters. In order to access the web rotor, place two fingers on the screen, keep one stationary, and move the other finger in a clock-wise or counter clock-wise direction. This gesture cycles through the elements, such as headings, links, words, and characters.
  5. Using the web rotor, navigate to headings, use one finger to swipe down, Voiceover will speak “book text heading”, use two fingers to swipe down, and VoiceOver will read the book page. To pause/resume reading, use two fingers to touch the screen.
  6. In order to navigate to next/previous page, use the web rotor, navigate to links, swipe up/down until VoiceOver speaks “next/previous link”, and double tap to activate the link. Additionally, to jump to a specific page, use the web rotor, navigate to forms, and swipe up until VoiceOver speaks “Go To, text field”, double tap, type in a page number, and select return or Go To button. Once on a new page, repeat step 5 to read book page.


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