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ClaroRead 6 for Windows for Text-to-Speech (Windows)


Using ClaroRead 6 for Windows for Text-to-Speech

ClaroRead 6 on Windows can be used to provide text-to-speech with the CourseSmart reader.

  • Using the ClaroRead application requires the Accessible Reader. You will need to contact Customer Support to turn on your access to the Accessible Reader.

The following instructions describe the procedure for using ClaroRead 6 on Windows with your book.

  • Start the ClaroRead application
  • Return to the CourseSmart Reader
  • The ClaroRead Toolbar will be visible above the CourseSmart Reader

  • Move the cursor into the text area
  • Claro Read will announce “Book Text” and commence reading the page
  • You may stop the reading at any time by pressing “Esc” or selecting the Stop button in the tool bar
  • You can only restart the reading from the top of the page. Generally moving the mouse out of the book page and moving it back in will restart the reading in a few seconds. If the reading does not restart, you can page forward and page back and reading will recommence.
  • There is no visual indication given for the text that is being read out loud.
  • For review, see:
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