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Reading and Navigating eTextbooks using CourseSmart's iOS app


Once logged into your CourseSmart on your iOS device, you will see your Bookshelf. Simply select the book you would like to Read. You can use the following features as you read your eTextbook.


Use the swipe gesture in either landscape or portrain mode to navigate to previous or next page. You can also use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen to page forward and back.


To zoom into a page you can use the Pinch & Zoom within landscape or portrait mode. You can also use the zoom icons at the bottom of the screen to zoom in and out.

Text Search

You can search by page, chapter or entire book. To search within the book:

  1. Touch the Magnify Glass icon.
  2. Select if Page, Chapter or Book depending on what you want to search.
  3. Enter in desired text and touch Search in the keyboard.
  4. From the list of Search results, select the page you want to go to.

Go To

To go to a specific page in the textbook, select the Go To field in the upper right. Type the page number in the entry field. The page number must be entered exactly as displayed in the book (for example, if Appendix pages are shown in the book as "A-1" , do not use "a-1").

After pressing “Go” on the keyboard, the page will appear

Table of Contents

Press the Table of Content icon to access to the Table of Contents for this eTextbook.


Press the Thumbnail icon. You can scroll through the thumbnails by swiping left and right. Scroll to the page of your choice and touch the page image to go there.


Press the Outline icon to view the Table of Contents, all Notes and all Bookmarks.

At the bottom of the screen, you can select Table of Contents, Notes or Bookmarks depending on what you would like to view.


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