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Using eTextbook Offline (no WiFi) with the Android app


Make sure you have downloaded CouresSmart’s Android app from Google Play. You can not use your book offline when viewing your eTextbook via a browser on your device.

On your bookshelf, locate the textbook you would like to download, touch the push pin icon for that particular title, the checkout or download will begin.

You can check-in the title again by pressing the same pin icon on the bookshelf. Checking in a title will allow you to check it out on another Android device. A title can be checked out to only once device per user at a given point of time.

IMPORTANT: Chapters can be downloaded only once. If the download does not complete, you should attempt to cache the chapter again as soon as possible to avoid being locked out of caching your chapter locally on your Android. If you delete the CourseSmart app and reinstall, you will have to contact CourseSmart Customer Support to reset your download so you can download again.

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