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Obtaining an Access Code for an eResource


All eResources and some Companion Materials require you go get an Access Code from CourseSmart and then go to the web site of the publisher providing the resource and entering the Access Code there.

To get an Access Code, do the following:

  1. Click the eResource

    From your Bookshelf, click on the title of the eResource to open the Product Detail page.

  2. Return Policy

    Click "OK" to acknowledge that you understand the return policy.


Typically, you only have to use an Access Code once; after that you can get direct access to your eResource at the publisher’s web site. For your convenience, CourseSmart keeps the Access Code on display as long as your subscription lasts. You can find it by clicking on the title of the eResource on your Bookshelf. You can also continue to use the Get Access link to go to the web site hosting your eResource, if you find this convenient.

Some eResources also require an Instructor Code. This is a special URL or other ID that you will get from your Instructor. It is used to make sure that you get the eResource that has been specially customized for your particular course. See our help article, Instructor Codes, for more information.

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