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Bookstore cannot access a particular book in the catalog/feed OR, they expect to see it in the feed but the book is not available to them

  1. Bookstore can’t see the book in the daily catalog feed. Tier 1 would escalate to Tier 2.

  2. Tier 2 should:
  • First check to see if the book should be accessible by looking for the book on
  • Ask bookstore for the Catalog API (XML API) call it is making to CourseSmart.
  • Check to see if the Catalog API call includes the parameter portal=coursesmartnsd* (*Note: certain distributors—e.g., Ambassador—have their own portal parameter value.).
  • If the Catalog API call lacks the portal parameter, and the bookstore doesn’t have a specific relationship with CourseSmart that allows it to sell special kinds of products (e.g., custom titles, eResources, etc.), then inform the bookstore to add portal=coursesmartnsd to the Catalog API call.  
  • This will be escalated to Tier 3.

3. Tier 3 should:

  • Confirm Tier 2 did steps above.
  • Check to see if this is an eResource. It is possible that this is an eResource with depleted access codes. If it is, then escalate to Content Ops.
  • Check the Admin API call to see if the book is custom, FRO or retired. This would keep the book from being accessible to the bookstore. If this is the case, then tell the bookstore this is not available for purchase.
  • Check to see if book is in the Bookstore's redemption program. The redemption program ID should be in the API call that Tier 2 should be gathering. If you look up that program ID, then you can look to see what library is associated with this program (it will probably be CourseSmartNSD library). Then check that library to see if the book is in that library. If that book is not in that library, send email to Katherine Hunniecutt at to see if you can add the book.
  • If none of the above is the situation, then include all the information you have gathered and escalate to Solutions Team at
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