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Bookstore can no longer generate redemption codes for any book


1. Ask bookstore for their IP address. Review IP address in the API section of Back Office (API section is located in the Configuration left navigation item). If the IP address in Back Office does not match what the bookstore is saying, then correct the IP address in BO. Ask Bookstore to try again.

2. If IP address is not the cause, then ask the bookstore for the following information:

  •         Example ISBN they are trying to generate a redemption code.
  •         Exact error message they receive when trying to generate redemption code
  •         Actual Admin API call and XML file.

3. Identify the Redemption Program ID in the call (found by looking for …&ProgramId=xxxx…) and review in Back Office whether there is a problem with the Redemption Program (e.g., may have hit redemption code limit, etc.).

4. Escalate this information to Tier 3.

5. Tier 3 should:

  • Confirm Tier 2 performed steps outlined above.
  • Check the redemption program to see if there is an associated library (most like CourseSmartNSD and possible other libraries should be associated with the program).
  • If not, then add the CourseSmart NSD library (ID 5072)
  • If all the above looks correct, then escalate to Solutions team at noting all the information that was gathered.
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