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Bookstore receives errors using Return Check in Distributor Center

  1. Ask the bookstore for the code they are trying to return and the log in credentials they are trying to use.
  2. Look up the store in Back Office and determine if they are a Ratex store or a Sequoia store.

         If Ratex, then confirm their log in credentials are:

         If Sequoia, then confirm their log in credentials are:

  1. Walk them through the steps that you are going to use to try and reproduce the issue.
  2. First, Log in to the Distributor Center using their credentials.
  3. Go to Return Check tab (should default to this tab). Paste in redemption code.
  4. Click submit. Review what the screen says.
  5. The bookstore might see:
  •         If you see “disable access code” button that means you should be able to click on that button to disable the code. Ask the bookstore to click this button. If they get an error message, then copy the error message and escalate the ticket.
  •         If the see red text, telling them the code is ineligible, then that means the code is not returnable. The error message will explain why the code is not redeemable.
  •         If the see an error after submitting the code, then then copy the error message and escalate to Tier 3.

If there are errors as described in the Steps for Resolution column, then Tier 1 escalates to Tier 2. Tier 2 will have to escalate to Tier 3 with as much detail as possible

Escalate template will include:

  •         Book store name
  •         Book store log in credentials for Distributor Center
  •         Exact steps to reproduce
  •         Redemption code
  •         Error message



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